GE Communications is a company committed to providing its customers with the best solutions in Communications & security system needs. Operating since 1993, GE Communications has emerged as an eminent and competitive communication provider, specialising in the installation, service and maintenance of electrical, data and security equipment. 

GE prides itself on the integrity and conduct of its staff. Core to the daily operations of the company is the belief that all successful working relationships require the ongoing monitoring and training of staff, so as to ensure the standard of work performed is reflective of, and utilizes, the latest developments and technologies in the field of communications and security. Furthermore, the company understands that the standard of work performed is not the only factor reflective on the company as a whole, but rather it is the conduct of staff in public, and work places, that serves as an indicative consideration of not only GE Communications, but all associated parties. Accordingly, our personnel are conscious to conduct themselves at only the highest level of behaviour and courtesy when in work situations, in public, or in dealing with other parties, as anything less is not accepted, nor is it reconcilable with our company culture.