UniWatch - Mobile CCTV Surveillance

UniWatch - CCTV Surveillance Unit

The manufacturer of Australia’s most advanced Solar Powered Mobile CCTV Surveillance Trailers have just released a new product line to the marketplace - the UniWatch.

Following the success of the CCTV Trailers in monitoring everything from non-powered critical infrastructure sites through to mining and remote area construction projects, the UniFi team have now engineered a smaller and more versatile unit designed to fit even the most discerning budgets.

Unlike the Solar Powered Trailers the UniWatch operates on general mains power. Don’t however be misled as it still includes a backup battery with the capability of running the entire unit for up to 3 days. This makes the UniWatch not only ideal for long-term applications with a standard mains power connection, but also short-term applications where power is unavailable for temporary hotspot monitoring.

As each unit is custom integrated to meet a clients specific requirements, the UniWatch can be ordered as a single camera surveillance only model with up to 2 days recording history including LAN, 3G and WiFi remote monitoring systems..

The higher end UniWatch models have an embedded industrial PC and logic
controller with capability of up holding up to 30 days history recording and
can be included with up to:

* 4 x fixed megapixel cameras providing a full 360 degree site view.
* Infrared PTZ camera (36x zoom) with programmable responses to PIR detection zones.
* 6 x passive infrared detectors providing 360 degree detection (60m diameter).
* 4 x flood or IR lights programmable to activate on PIR detection (time programmable).
* Siren and strobe light programmable to activate on PIR detection (time programmable).
* Inbuilt GPS tracking.
The UniWatch CCTV footage can be viewed live from anywhere around the world over a standard internet connection or accessed on the go with 3G smart phone devices. Alarms can be monitored live by security control rooms or even programmed to send emails and SMS messages directly to our client business or personal PC’s and smart phones.

The minimal footprint of the UniWatch and ease of relocation and quick setup make it the perfect crime prevention, safety monitoring and operational awareness tool for an incredible number of both government and private industry sectors. The rugged design and highly researched integrated components lends the UniWatch units to harsh outdoor environmental conditions. So whether it be long-term deployments to a construction or mining site, or a short-term deployment for general outdoor monitoring in areas such as a carpark, a university campus or a major event the UniWatch can meet the demand.

Additionally, indoor units that can be easily wheeled around are manufactured for both warehousing and retail applications.

For further information about the different UniWatch models or
information on our Solar Powered CCTV Trailers please do
not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.