Solar Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV Trailer

Following 3 years of extensive research and testing with solar engineering teams, structural automotive specialists, communications technicians and security system designers, UniFi has now invested over a million dollars in development funds to deliver our enhanced range of remote CCTV & Communication Trailers to the marketplace.

UniFi Trailers incorporate the latest technological advancements with multiple redundancy systems and high security demands required in protecting government critical infrastructure facilities whilst being user friendly and cost effective in monitoring the property and assets of a local construction project.

Delivering a high efficiency 1.59kW solar array supported by more than 1,300Ah of continuously recharged batteries, our Trailers hold a self regulating power platform capable of operating indefinitely, autonomously and without the requirement of either fixed mains power connections or diesel generators.

Each Trailer is customised to our clients intended use of deployment with options on camera configurations, detection requirements, communication transmission protocols, remote public annunciation needs, alarm reporting and monitoring preferences.

The structural attributes of the UniFi Trailers have been engineered to deal with harsh environmental conditions with the compact form factor allowing for ease of storage and transport whilst minimising deployed footprint requirements on site locations.

All active equipment is selected on known industry reliability, ruggedness, high range of operating temperatures and integrated into our open system architecture only after long and thorough field testing.

Assimilation into clients existing security and communications infrastructure can be readily accomplished, with significant cost savings achievable to that of alternate electronic solutions or contracted security guarding services.

With user programmable automated intelligence and complex monitoring rules, the UniFi Trailers can be configured for any number of situational responses and are without market equal in both their aptitude and reliability.