About Us

GE Communications Pty Ltd is a company committed to providing its customers with the best solutions in Communications & security system needs. Operating since 1993, GE Communications has emerged as an eminent and competitive communication provider, specialising in the installation, service and maintenance of electrical, data and security equipment.

GE prides itself on the integrity and conduct of its staff. Core to the daily operations of the company is the belief that all successful working relationships require the ongoing monitoring and training of staff, so as to ensure the standard of work performed is reflective of, and utilizes, the latest developments and technologies in the field of communications and security. Furthermore, the company understands that the standard of work performed is not the only factor reflective on the company as a whole, but rather it is the conduct of staff in public, and work places, that serves as an indicative consideration of not only GE Communications, but all associated parties. Accordingly, our personnel are conscious to conduct themselves at only the highest level of behaviour and courtesy when in work situations, in public, or in dealing with other parties, as anything less is not accepted, nor is it reconcilable with our company culture.

Having abovementioned a summation of the attributes that our company has to offer, the following is a brief outline of the service facilities that we recommend be implemented, in desiring to advantageously operate such a project for all parties concerned.

  • Our company recommends that all field technicians and maintenance staff who are not familiar with the current expectations and policies be fully trained, with such training tailored to the specifications and requirements necessitated by the duties of the task at hand and taking into consideration all relevant discussions or issued guidelines.
  • The company strongly believes that determinative of a successful and ongoing business relationship is the consistency and clarity of regular communications among all parties. Therefore, we propose that meetings be arranged to discuss an agenda of reforms, changes and general updates pertaining all aspects of the tasks to be performed or any points of discussion, with both parties proficiently contributing. The company believes that through regular communications, a clear understanding off the obligations and expectations of all concerned parties is assured, thus minimizing the potential occurrence of misapprehensions and subsequently maximizing the achievement of goals and party satisfaction.
  • GE recommends the implementation of full-time quality assurance personnel to arbitrarily, and regularly, visit job sites and confirm through the composition of a written report that all aspects and guideline policies are adhered to. Such matters of inspection will include the signing on and off at all jobs, correctly completing relevant paperwork, faxing relevant documentation and that the standard of work carried out complies with all requirements as prior issued.
  • We strongly believe that the accessibility of contact with required directors, technical managers and technicians is imperative. Therefore, the company has a dedicated an afterhours mobile phone and paging service, composed of three landline numbers that can be utilized to ensure communications with required personnel at any required time, including outside our office hours (6.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday). Serving as a testament to the success of such a service, is the level customer satisfaction, reflected in the array of clientele serviced by the company, some of whom have conducted operations with GE Communications since 1996.
  • Our code of conduct is of utmost importance within our business structure, as it is reflective of our reputable corporate culture, and determinative of the satisfaction of our clients. Our field technicians and tradespeople adhere to our stringent and professional standard of expectation notably that only the utmost standard of professionalism and courtesy be extended at all times whilst at work or during working hours.
  • In striving towards excellence, all current and required tools of the trade are imperative to ensure the accurate performance of any task. Accordingly, our company believes that the provision of fully equipped service vehicles to our technicians is vital, and is ensured.
  • Turnaround times always serve as an important issue of discussion, regardless of the circumstance. However, our company has an excellent track record of complying with set down, realistic turnaround times: a record which we pride ourselves on and strive to maintain. Thus, we are very willing and eager to discuss an appropriate turnaround time.
  • GE Communications has maintained an elite level of professionalism, reflected in the precise standard of work performed and the conduct of all staff, and supported through a consideration of the vast number of major contracts attained, and successfully completed, including electrical upgrades in NSW jails through the state, hospitals and shopping centres.
  • All staff and service technicians employed by GE Communications operate at only the highest standard in regard to both their technical and fault finding abilities, with relevant qualifications in electrical, security, data and telecommunications. The provision of regular and ongoing training ensures that level of excellence of all staff is maintained. All of our technicians are current holders of the relevant and required credentials such as Electrical, Austel/Telecommunications and Security licenses. Further, all of our technicians have undertaken track safety awareness (PW01) training and accordingly all hold current tickets.


Our aim is to provide quality, accurate services, in conjunction with utmost standards of professionalism, all at an immensely competitive price, and we trust that we have accomplished that requirement.