Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is indeed a common day tool for providing added security and auditing across many different types of facilities such as schools, commercial space, transport and infrastructure, shopping centres, health and other critical areas. Traditionally surveillance cameras were installed with coaxial cabling (Analog CCTV) and connected to a DVR or central storage node. This format of infrastructure is usually very cost effective and reliable although limitation with the components for detailed high resolution images these days usually drives a Digital solution to be implemented.

As we move into the IT space with data cabling and core network infrastructure there is a common trend to merge the Video Surveillance system on the Clients Corporate Network and infrastructure.

Digital cameras enable much more flexible and efficient transmission and storage of video images. And unlike analog images that lose quality when copied or transmitted over long distances, digital video quality remains constant, making it even more effective for surveillance purposes.

Although the significant advantages with IP, they are still limited by how far their network cabling will reach. Wireless IP networks can be utilised to provide further connectivity and flexibility.

We are able to deploy all components of the video surveillance infrastructure as well offer advice and consultation to ensure the correct system is installed.

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