Preventative Maintenance

In order to provide a site specific and strong maintenance program, GE works in very closely with the end client to ensure that all areas of risk are realised and that relevant maintenance procedures developed and deployed.

As the company seeks to ascertain a detailed understanding of the intended obligations and subsequent expectations of your organization and all other associated parties, a thorough training programme shall then be tailored in order to train and familiarize all maintenance staff of the tasks and duties that must be undertaken, and the standard of performance required, to ensure all specified guidelines are met.

Accordingly, our technicians and maintenance staff will be undoubtedly equipped with the knowledge and skills, refined by our tailored training programme, to perform all required tasks professionally and thoroughly, within a reasonable period of time as per discussions, and requirements, of the duties at hand.

The aforementioned standard of work is not simply promised by GE Communications, but further guaranteed. The company ensures project managers perform random and continual quality assurance inspections of the work performed by our staff, with written reports lodged and filed on record for future reference.

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